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Tax Deductions

The following chart provides price ranges for items sold in Goodwill stores. While current tax rules require donors to determine each item’s value, for your reference, listed below are Goodwill’s prices. These are approximate and are only estimated values of this merchandise.

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If you are a taxpayer who itemizes deductions on federal tax returns (use the long form), you are entitled to claim a charitable deduction.*

 * With the passage of the Pension Protection Act in August 2006, there are new rules about claiming tax deductions for charitable donations. For material donations, donors may claim a deduction only for items that are in “good” condition. For items worth more than $500.00, a qualified appraisal must accompany the claim. For cash contributions, donors must show a receipt from Goodwill, a canceled check or credit card statement to prove the donation. According to the new tax rules, one may not claim a deduction if they cannot provide supporting documentation.  For General Guidelines, please visit (publication:

Price Ranges

Men's Clothing
Suits $20
Jackets $10
Slacks $6.50
Shirts $2-6
Outerwear $10-20
Sweaters $5.50
Accessories $2
Shoes $2-10

Women's Clothing
Dresses $8
Suits $20
Skirts $6
Blouses $2-6
Sweaters $5.50
Slacks $6.50
Outerwear $10-20
Intimate Apparel $4
Handbags $6
Accessories $2
Shoes $2-10


Children's Clothing
Dresses $4
Pants $4
Shirts $2
Outerwear $8
Sweaters $2
Shoes $4

Cookware $2-10
Tabletop $1-10
Pictures $2-15
Luggage $5-15

Vacuum Cleaners $20-40
Lamps $5-30
Stereo Systems $25-60
Radios $5-20
Coffee Pots $10-15
Television Sets $10-250
Computer Monitors $10-50


Sporting Goods
Golf Club(s) $2-25
Bicycles $12-60
Fishing Rods $5-25
Skates $3-15
Tennis Rackets $3-10

Kitchen Set $40-100
End Tables $5-20
Coffee Tables $10-25
Dresser w/Mirror $25-60
Chests $20-60
China Cabinets $40-150
Trunks $15-30
Sofas $50-200
Desks $30-90

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